Comprehensive fleet logistics

Comprehensive fleet logistics for smart businesses

BBS specialises in vehicle reallocation, refurbishment, secure storage and maximising new user acceptance, backed by 25 years experience.

Collection and reallocation

We understand the challenges associated with fleet vehicle reallocation and will call on years of experience to maximise new user acceptance for both fleet and hire vehicles.

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Refurbishment and repair

From cars to high-roofed and long wheelbase commercial vehicles, the BBS refurbishment and repair service will optimise the utilisation of your used fleet vehicles.

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A rigorous 50 point check ensures every fleet vehicle we inspect before reallocation is assessed by highly qualified technicians.

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Online portal

Arrange vehicle collections and reallocations, review and approve estimates and receive guidance on essential repair work, all from one easy-to-use, web-based app.  Full reporting suite available.

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Our ultra-safe storage facility located conveniently close to several major road networks enables us to keep fleet vehicles fully secure when not in use.

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How we do it

You shouldn’t have to reserve expensive employee time for the reallocation of fleet vehicles. That’s why we’ve designed a process that takes the bulk of the work off your hands, allowing it to be managed carefully by our in-house team.

We combine the latest technology with a personable service that can only be mastered if you’ve spent 25 years in the industry. Our team is highly-motivated and fully trained, but also knows the value of providing a flexible service.

BBS has successfully combined traditional fleet logistics services with the latest web-based technology, giving time back to our customers that was previously lost to managing fleet reallocations and controlling costs.


Why choose BBS

We’re part of the IFC Fleet Group, which means we benefit from a team of highly-experienced fleet specialists. Twenty-five years in the business of fleet logistics has enabled us to build a service that values both the traditional approach and leading-edge technology.

Our repair and refurbishment services extend beyond company cars, with the BBS technical teams able to perform work on light commercial vehicles including those that are high-roofed and long wheelbase.

Particularly suitable for big fleets, the BBS service will quickly make its presence felt in reduced overheads, satisfied drivers and a vehicle fleet that is optimised for best use, rather than retired early.