Comprehensive fleet logistics

Comprehensive fleet logistics for smart businesses

BBS specialises in vehicle reallocation, refurbishment, secure storage and maximising new user acceptance, backed by 25 years experience.

Collection and Reallocation Service

COLLECTION AND REALLOCATION SERVICE When company vehicles need to be reallocated, you should never fear handing the keys to a logistics company. With BBS, you won’t. SERVICE FEATURES We’ve spent 25 years refining one of the most important routines many fleet vehicles go through – collection and reallocation. Fully-managed fleet vehicle reallocation service Pool fleet… Continue reading Collection and Reallocation Service

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Refurbishment and Repair

REFURBISHMENT AND REPAIR The cost of retiring and renewing fleet vehicles quickly mounts up. BBS will maximise the lifespan of your fleet by providing refurbishment and repair services that help businesses re-home in-life fleet vehicles. SERVICE FEATURES To help maximise new user acceptance of fleet vehicles during reallocation, the BBS team can provide a wide… Continue reading Refurbishment and Repair

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INSPECTION SERVICE When fleet vehicles are reallocated within the same business, it’s vital they’re fully inspected. SERVICE FEATURES If you need to reallocate company cars within your business, BBS can ensure they’re fit for purpose and conform to industry standards before being handed to the new user. Comprehensive 50-point check carried out on all vehicles… Continue reading Inspection

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Online Portal

ONLINE PORTAL FOR VEHICLE LOGISTICS In the digital age, vehicle logistics should be accessible with the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse. Enter the BBS Fleet Logistics Portal. SERVICE FEATURES The Internet has revolutionised fleet management, and BBS has always been at the forefront of the technical revolution. Fully web-based; access from… Continue reading Online Portal

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STORAGE SERVICE When not in use, BBS will ensure your fleet vehicles are in the most secure location possible. SERVICE FEATURES With room for up to 2,000 vehicles, the secure BBS security facility is waiting to take care of your valuable business assets. Two acre storage site in Bedfordshire, located conveniently close to the M1,… Continue reading Storage

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How we do it

You shouldn’t have to reserve expensive employee time for the reallocation of fleet vehicles. That’s why we’ve designed a process that takes the bulk of the work off your hands, allowing it to be managed carefully by our in-house team.

We combine the latest technology with a personable service that can only be mastered if you’ve spent 25 years in the industry. Our team is highly-motivated and fully trained, but also knows the value of providing a flexible service.

BBS has successfully combined traditional fleet logistics services with the latest web-based technology, giving time back to our customers that was previously lost to managing fleet reallocations and controlling costs.

Why choose BBS

We’re part of the IFC Fleet Group, which means we benefit from a team of highly-experienced fleet specialists. Twenty-five years in the business of fleet logistics has enabled us to build a service that values both the traditional approach and leading-edge technology.

Our repair and refurbishment services extend beyond company cars, with the BBS technical teams able to perform work on light commercial vehicles including those that are high-roofed and long wheelbase.

Particularly suitable for big fleets, the BBS service will quickly make its presence felt in reduced overheads, satisfied drivers and a vehicle fleet that is optimised for best use, rather than retired early.